Prettiest Woman in the Universe

Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in the universe.

I decided to come back and expand her role a little.  I mean, it’s cool to say she is the prettiest woman in Watkinsville.  That’s easy.  That’s just one small town.  But then, of course, I pointed out that she’s the prettiest woman in Georgia.

Now, that is a bold statement.  I mean, there are lots of women in Georgia.  And ladies, I’m not knocking you –  I swear.  But when I take into account all the factors that make a woman pretty, I have to stand by my initial claim – Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in Georgia, by far.

Ok, so we have that all hammered out – it’s time to talk about going big.  Go big or go home, right?  I make a new claim.

Elizabeth Ellis – Prettiest Woman In Universe

Ok, I could have just started with “Earth”.  But you know what?  The Universe is what I’m talking about.  Certainly I have not seen or met all women in the Universe.  But, based on the sampling I have encountered, I’ve used advanced math to determine that the Universe is easily a place where Elizabeth Ellis is prettiest.