Elizabeth Ellis – The Prettiest Woman in Watkinsville

Prettiest Woman in Watkinsville

I know some of you are haters – you don’t want to believe the truth, even if it is staring you in the face.  But that won’t dissuade me from telling you the truth anyway.  Elizabeth Ellis is definitely the prettiest woman in Watkinsville.   I mean, I know I’ve already told you that she’s the prettiest woman in Georgia, so that kind of covers it.  But, I wanted to be sure that you understand that it means she’s the prettiest woman locally – here in Watkinsville, GA.

Now, why do I believe it?  I mean, take a look.  Here:

Prettiest Woman In Georgia
Elizabeth Ellis – The Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia


This isn’t even a good picture.  This is just the one I had quick access to in my photos.  Now, that’s just physical beauty.  Can you imagine if a woman like this was also smart, kind and compassionate?  Can you?  CAN YOU IMAGINE?


Well, she is.  In summary, you know where I stand on this issue.