Prettiest Woman in the Universe

Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in the universe.

I decided to come back and expand her role a little.  I mean, it’s cool to say she is the prettiest woman in Watkinsville.  That’s easy.  That’s just one small town.  But then, of course, I pointed out that she’s the prettiest woman in Georgia.

Now, that is a bold statement.  I mean, there are lots of women in Georgia.  And ladies, I’m not knocking you –  I swear.  But when I take into account all the factors that make a woman pretty, I have to stand by my initial claim – Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in Georgia, by far.

Ok, so we have that all hammered out – it’s time to talk about going big.  Go big or go home, right?  I make a new claim.

Elizabeth Ellis – Prettiest Woman In Universe

Ok, I could have just started with “Earth”.  But you know what?  The Universe is what I’m talking about.  Certainly I have not seen or met all women in the Universe.  But, based on the sampling I have encountered, I’ve used advanced math to determine that the Universe is easily a place where Elizabeth Ellis is prettiest.


Elizabeth Ellis – The Prettiest Woman in Watkinsville

Prettiest Woman in Watkinsville

I know some of you are haters – you don’t want to believe the truth, even if it is staring you in the face.  But that won’t dissuade me from telling you the truth anyway.  Elizabeth Ellis is definitely the prettiest woman in Watkinsville.   I mean, I know I’ve already told you that she’s the prettiest woman in Georgia, so that kind of covers it.  But, I wanted to be sure that you understand that it means she’s the prettiest woman locally – here in Watkinsville, GA.

Now, why do I believe it?  I mean, take a look.  Here:

Prettiest Woman In Georgia
Elizabeth Ellis – The Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia


This isn’t even a good picture.  This is just the one I had quick access to in my photos.  Now, that’s just physical beauty.  Can you imagine if a woman like this was also smart, kind and compassionate?  Can you?  CAN YOU IMAGINE?


Well, she is.  In summary, you know where I stand on this issue.

Most Beautiful Women of All Time

Prettiest Woman – Elizabeth Ellis

If we were going to make a list of the most beautiful women of all time, I think it would go like this:

  1. Elizabeth Ellis
  2. Elizabeth Ellis
  3. Elizabeth Ellis
  4. That lady that played Arweyn

That’s it, really.  No others compare in intellect, heart and beauty.


Now, I know some people would argue with me.  It is the internet, after all.  That’s cool.  The great news is that you are still wrong, and I’m still the one making the list.  Huzzah!

I urge you to really reflect.  If you don’t know Elizabeth, then you can’t really get to the right conclusion.  But once you meet her, you’ll get it.

Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia

Elizabeth Ellis – Most Beautiful Woman

Elizabeth Ellis isn’t just the prettiest woman in Georgia, she’s the most beautiful woman in Georgia.

If you look most doctors over, you will often find compassionate and kind people.  She’s that for sure.  But on top of her mental acuity, kindness and caring is her natural beauty.  She’s the whole package.

Honestly, if you ever are lucky enough to become involved in a cloning program, I highly suggest you clone my wife and try to program the clone to love you.  That way, you can see what it is like to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Ok, enough for today.  I think you see what I’m getting at here.


Elizabeth Ellis is the Prettiest Woman In Georgia

Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in Georgia.  Hands down.  I might be a little biased because she is my wife, but I think if we did an objective study, we could find out that I’m right.

Elizabeth Ellis Beautiful
Elizabeth Ellis – The Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia

First I’ll comment on her physical beauty – she’s a stunner.  If she had decided to go into modelling instead of being an amazing Veterinarian, she would have been rich.  But she decided to use her brain instead of her looks; that brings us to my second point.

She’s super smart.  I mean, mega brains.  If you like smart people, then my wife stands out.  She’s a doctor.  She has a Chemistry degree.  I mean, come on.  What were you doing in college?  If you are like me, you were getting a degree in liberal arts.  While you were drunk on a stranger’s couch, she was becoming a doctor!

And finally, she’s kind.  Together we are raising three children, and she does it with heart.  She cares so much about them; their health (mental and physical) and their day to day are always on her mind.  She’s the perfect mother, and a great wife.

So I’m sure you agree, Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in Georgia.  If you disagree, let me know and I’ll explain how you are wrong.