Prettiest Woman in the Universe

Elizabeth Ellis is the prettiest woman in the universe. I decided to come back and expand her role a little.  I mean, it’s cool to say she is the prettiest woman in Watkinsville.  That’s easy.  That’s just one small town.  But then, of course, I pointed out that she’s the prettiest woman in Georgia. Now, […]

Prettiest Woman In Georgia

Most Beautiful Women of All Time

Prettiest Woman – Elizabeth Ellis If we were going to make a list of the most beautiful women of all time, I think it would go like this: Elizabeth Ellis Elizabeth Ellis Elizabeth Ellis That lady that played Arweyn That’s it, really.  No others compare in intellect, heart and beauty.   Now, I know some […]

Most Beautiful Woman In Georgia

Elizabeth Ellis – Most Beautiful Woman Elizabeth Ellis isn’t just the prettiest woman in Georgia, she’s the most beautiful woman in Georgia. If you look most doctors over, you will often find compassionate and kind people.  She’s that for sure.  But on top of her mental acuity, kindness and caring is her natural beauty.  She’s […]